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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hudsonhawk, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. hudsonhawk

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    I'm working on my new year customer letters and am considering raising prices on some lawns. Where I live (MO) it seems as though the average rate for a cut is about $35. My gas cost was crazy high last year and looks like it will be higher again this season. Thinking about raising prices. Do many of you guys charge $40 for an average lawn? Thanks.
  2. jsslawncare

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    My average is $55 and I went on everyone under that amount last year. No one complained.
  3. orangemower

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    I don't even have a customer that pays only $35. All of them are over $45. You can't go by what I say or anyone else for that matter. It's more about what the customer is willing to pay to have the lawn cut. Raising prices by $5 is steep. How much more fuel do you think your mower will use to do the same job? How much more will your truck use to run the entire route? If you have 20 customers, that's $100 more each week. Do you think you'll use that much more fuel?
  4. kgflyboy

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    I live in the KC metro, and 35 is my minimum. I charge more if there is a lot of trimming or if the yard is big. I also charge more if a gate prevents me from getting my 52" stander in the back yard, assuming the yard is big enough to justify a mower that size. Most of mine are.
  5. Landrus2

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    Don’t send letter raise the 5 bucks
    When they get back to you explain your raise
    If customer tells you it’s to much you work with them :waving::waving:
  6. bel-nor

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    Good evening Wolfe4 my prices are minimum $35 and as needed $40 and $45 for large or corner lots with trimming and blow vac. This is where I started my prices and kept them that way accordingly. Ive been lucky with tips due to a quality cut. Most take an hour to attend to on 10 day and bi weekly schedules. Ironic as it sounds the penny pinchers are the best tippers....go think. I hate to say it and do not take it wrong but gas is'nt going up an additional $5 per gal. so that will not fly with Missouri (Show Me) customers. Try to create tighter routes and schedule appointment as needed. Good luck.
  7. 205mx

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    my lowest is $44 home boy! Also I proudly advertise my all american workforce!
  8. Wecutgrass

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    the lawns are much smaller around here and my minimum is 20 because i cut some town houses and the lawn takes me at max 15 mins to cut. the back yard is 6 passes with my 21 and i cut the front with my ztr because i cut the 2 neighbors with the ztr
  9. ralph02813

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    I think it is important to base a price increase on something so the customer can understand. For folks on social security, the got a 3% raise this year - most are not happy because they go to increase in the previous 2 years, generally, it the past a 3% was average so many people I have talked to over the last couple of years feel that they are owed 7% or that at least they lost that much.
    In talk to my dear his cost on everything seems to be going up 10%, so I think it would best to use some percentage somewhere between 5 and 10%. For you to go up $5 on a $35 cut is a 15% increase.
  10. landscaper22

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    Well my minimum is $30. They have to be very small for that. Avg. is prob. $40-45. However, I am a long way from you, so that really does you no good. I don't think letters are a bad idea. However, if you can, talk to the customers in person. Most will understand. Just be up front and matter of fact about expenses. Now, when I raise prices on per visit customers, I do generally go up by $5. I don't go up every year, so they don't mind. $5 per year would be substantial, but $5 every 3 years is not bad. I don't like the odd numbers anyway. This $37 or $42 is just odd. But it's just a personal thing. Why not just be like $38.43. How random, lol. Plus I don't go up on prices across the board. I just evaluate the accounts during the year and adjust the ones that need adjusting. No need to waste time on accts you are not profiting from. If they drop you, you can just find a more profitable one to fill the spot.
    Anyway, my advice, as mentioned, try to make your route as tight as possible. Change customers around on your schedule, try to avoid the 10 day schedule as well. If you have some services weekly, some bi-weekly, and some on 10 day, you will be driving all over the place. You may as well just be tossing dollar bills out the truck window. Keep everyone in one area on the same day. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. lol

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