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Ok, forget the whole 20 - 25 bucks a cut thing for a moment. I'm about to place some bids on commercial accounts. What numbers do ya'll use to base your bids on. The accounts are in the Dallas, Texas area. St. Augustine and Bermuda are the grass types, sometimes I'll run into Fescue, but that's very unlikely.

Mowing per/sq ft...
trimming linear feet,

I havent big on commercial accounts before, and I want to underbid some companies but I don't want to be doing these jobs for pocket change. Help is much appreciated:) Thanks guys.
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How many production days can you work per season there?
How many hours can you work per day?
If you have 8 months of mowing season, 8*4wks is 32 production weeks, if you can work (Solo) 24 hours per week, thats about 6 hours on the actual jobsite 4 days per week (allow for bad weather and problems)
then, 32*24 = 768 production hours per season.
How much do YOU want to make?
Lets say $50,000 per year...
50,000 / 768 = $65.10 per hour to recover Gross Labor;
That plus Equip./Overhead , maybe $10.00 per hour = $75.00 per billable production hour. ;)
How many hours will it take you to do it?
Lets say 4 - 6 hours depending on conditions (wetness, etc) avg of 5 hours .... So, 5 * $75.00 = 375 * number of cuts 32 = $12,000.00 per year Billed @ $1,000.00 per month year 'round.

Best thing to do is start bidding a few high, and gradually figure out where you need to be. If you go low and try to go up, you'll work yourself to death...get sick of the account, and either give it up or lose it, and the compettion will come back in at their prices and get it back....might even make more money, and say see.."you get what you pay for!"

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Originally posted by Whatdefunk
you can say that again!!!!!!!:D
LOL! :p
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