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Ok, forget the whole 20 - 25 bucks a cut thing for a moment. I'm about to place some bids on commercial accounts. What numbers do ya'll use to base your bids on. The accounts are in the Dallas, Texas area. St. Augustine and Bermuda are the grass types, sometimes I'll run into Fescue, but that's very unlikely.

Mowing per/sq ft...
trimming linear feet,

I havent big on commercial accounts before, and I want to underbid some companies but I don't want to be doing these jobs for pocket change. Help is much appreciated:) Thanks guys.
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Bid it for what you NEED to get to do the job and be profitable. Any less than that and you're better off not doing it. Dont worry about what "the other guy" gets. He doesen't have YOUR equipment, costs, etc.... only YOU know what those costs are.
No sense in taking a job (esp. on a contract) and losing money on it, just to outbid the next guy!
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