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I looked at one today that had a real bad Pre-M stain on the front lawn. A flower bed leached it down a hill, it was (the homeowner did it so there is no record of ap, as to how much- she says not a lot,???) I'm told it's Casaron. The grass is whiteish - orange. I'm gonna use activated charcoal then I'm gonna take a sod cutter to the dead, then topdress the soil then re sod. Then springtime, I'll aerate the whole package and overseed with some topdress. What does everyone do with their Pre-M disasters?


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I'm a little confused by what has caused the damage you describe. Pre-m is a pre-emergent weed control that basicly builds a barrier in the soil to prevent seed germination. Unless the concentrate is spilled on the soil or a combination fertilizer/pre-m product was spilled, plant death usually doesn't happen. Casoran, however, is used as a pre and post emergent weed/grass control. I have seen it used once by a prison to keep vegitation from growing between fences. Your solution to the damage is sound. If after all that, if the grass won't grow back, you may have to remove and replace the soil. Ask the homeowner if they still have the label of the product,or can give you for sure the name. If so check the label for spill cleanup information. If you can find out for sure the product and need a label, call your county extension office for help. Many chemical suppliers also have what we call the "Blue Book". This is a book with most of the labels and msds for products formulated for the turf and ornamental market.


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Preen is a popular homeowner product for pre-emerge eus in beds which can float and leach out o the target area. I think it's use is more wide spread than Casaron or Pre-M among homeowners. If customer does not have label ask where it was bought and see what that store sells. Find out how long ago applied but you will probably have to dig soil out to establish turf again

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