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Lawn Renovation But Clay Base


LawnSite Member
Vancouver BC
Have a client with more moss than grass. The top 3 - 4 in is clay then sand so it doesn't drain at all.

I was going to take it all up or kill it (grass & moss) then bring in coarse sand, rototill in to 6 - 8 in, finishing with 2 in sand on top. Then seed.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Planned in Sept when its dry.



LawnSite Silver Member
S.E. Michigan
Sand + clay = concrete. You'll be better off bring in organic matter, than sand.

Strawbridge Lawn

LawnSite Senior Member
OR ensure you have a sifficient layer of sand. 1-2" as a barrier between clay and soil/sod. Combination of sand and sod will absorb beter than just sod over clay or a thin layer of sand.