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    looking for some advice. my biz has been taking a turn towards the renovation side. we hydroseed now and it seems like every call we get is i want a nice lawn.

    I have access to equipment for larger revovation work via sub contracting but I am looking of a good solution to smaller worker like up to 10k sq'.

    we had some great success with taking the existing lawn, running a dethatcher real aggressive disturbing the soil.. 1 -2" down. we have been renting a Husqvarna DT22. we then hydroseed over that and the results have been great.

    my thought this season is to buy a piece of equipment instead of renting. but exactly what to buy is the question.

    does anyone else do this with a dethatcher/renovator and if so what are you using.

    it looks like the lawn solutions (now toro) looks like a good piece of equip but at msrp of 3600 it might be a bit to much since we didn't have a great winter.

    My initial plan is just to rent the different machines in my area.

    thanks in advance

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