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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DMAN, Sep 3, 2002.

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    I have to renovate about 15,000 sf of lawn that was seeded by a contractor in early spring. The seed never really took due to lack of water and now the area is all crabgrass. What is the best way to get this area established with a rye/blue seed. There is anotheer area on the property that i will have hydro seeded by a friend and I was wondering if i could have him spray the crabgrass area after i got done with the round-up app. I originally was going to round-up the area first then aerate heavily and then overseed with a broadcast spreader. Is it necessary to remove the dead crabgrass first before oversedding or hydroseeding and if so what would be the easiest and best method for a solo operator. I do have a vacuum for my rider for ease in removal if necessary. Also any suggestions on how to spray the area with round-up?? Any help would be greatly appreciated at this time.
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    First, you should probably have a Pesticide applicators license to be applying any type of pesticides in your area. With that said, you will need a dedicated Backpack sprayer that you will only be able to use "non-selective" hebicides in hereafter. Mix the Round-up according to label directions for whatever the quantity of water the backpack holds, usually 4 gallons. Then to apply it, you need to walk at an even pace in straight back and forth patterns, pumping the handle and moving the wand back and forth in a steady, even motion ... making sure that you are appling the Round-up at the correct rate per thousand square feet stated on the label. You will proabaly have to fill up several times for 15k.
    No, it is not necessary to remove the crabgrass prior to hydro or aeration/overseeding, just cut it as short as possible while still leaving a bit of green so that the Round-up has somewhere on each plant to be absorbed. I believe the label say to wait 7-14 days after application prior to attempting to reno/reseed, but in reality that time can be shorter.
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    My question is are you sure it's crabgrass you're talking about? Lots of guys around here call Bermuda Crabgrass, and they are NOT the same thing. Bermuda is difficult to eradicate with roundup alone. I suggest using Fuselade II and roundup to kill Bermuda. And YES you NEED to completely kill Bermuda before seeding with fescue or bluegrass. If not the bermuda will eventually take over again.


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