Lawn renovation ???


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Although we have done lawn redos many,many times over the years, would like opinions on this.
Customer wants lawn redone on a 3 year old home. Currently consist of very little grass, mostly dormant weeds, on a two acre site.
Which method would you guys likely use:
-kill existing lawn using weedkiller,aerate, fertilize and overseed with Fescue/Ky Bluegrass(works well in our area)
-kill existing, till with tractor mounted tiller, further level with soil pulveriser, fertilze, then seed.
I know the method I would recommend, how about you?

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Go with step two.

2 acres is fairly good size, so a tractor and tiller would be the best choice. That or, dare I say it, a harley rake.

Anything smaller and I like to use a Mini and Soil cultivator.

Before you do anything I would get some soil samples done. You need to figure why the lawn isn't doing very well to begin with.


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your second choice is the better one hands down.

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