Lawn Repair From New Gas Line


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Defiance Ohio

I've been in the lawn care business for a few years. I have learned a lot from this site. I have a question of my own now.

Over the winter a client of mine had massive gas line issues. They ended up having to replace the gas line from the street to the house. They trenched about 20 feet from the street to the house. Then another 20 feet down the side of her house.

They fixed the pipe and filled the trenches back in. The front was sort of leveled and the side still has a lot of dirt over the trench. She needs the area prepped and reseeded.

There is minor work to do in the landscaping, only taking a couple hours. I have never done a job of this caliber. My repairs have been minor as far as lawn reconstruction goes.

How do I compact the dirt in the trenches?
Any thoughts on pricing?

Any other info you want to throw my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance.



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I'm no expert on this stuff but have a little experience.

Mound up the trench so there is a hump about 1-2" high at the center. Over time this hump will compact back down to level. This worked good for me last year.

As far as pricing dont be afraid to charge some money. Last weekend I had what I thought would be a 30min. project turn into 2 hours because there was some soil erosion and had to move some dirt around. Not fun.