Lawn Repair From New Gas Line

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by weeble67, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I've been in the lawn care business for a few years. I have learned a lot from this site. I have a question of my own now.

    Over the winter a client of mine had massive gas line issues. They ended up having to replace the gas line from the street to the house. They trenched about 20 feet from the street to the house. Then another 20 feet down the side of her house.

    They fixed the pipe and filled the trenches back in. The front was sort of leveled and the side still has a lot of dirt over the trench. She needs the area prepped and reseeded.

    There is minor work to do in the landscaping, only taking a couple hours. I have never done a job of this caliber. My repairs have been minor as far as lawn reconstruction goes.

    How do I compact the dirt in the trenches?
    Any thoughts on pricing?

    Any other info you want to throw my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance.

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    if it was over the winter it might be all settled enough by now. not knowing how bad it is you could always rent a compactor, or drive a ztr over it. then rake the top bit loose a bit and throw your seed down
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    Thanks. I was told that I'd have to flood the area using a pipe to send water down to the bottom of the hole. To do that once a week, then to plan on seeding the lawn in August.

    Anyone have any input on that thought?
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    If it has rained on it a few times they I would just drive over it to pack it a little more. I would then rake any extra dirt out of the existing grass and haul it off or put it on the trench. Seed and straw and your done. Should be simple and only take a few hours if its on 40' of trench.
  5. weeble67

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    Thanks, I gave her a quote and she opted to have a tree taken out and some other work. The tree had lines running in it, and I didn't want that job. Another company came in and quoted her less for the yard if they got the tree job. I told her to hire them, it wouldn't upset me.

    But Thanks to all for your advice.

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