Lawn rolling with new easy roll z turn roller

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by apexlawn03, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. apexlawn03

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    I was at the NY State Farm Show and saw a New Zero Turn Commerical Gas powered roller. Web site for roller is At site 2 minute vide on line. I have also searched this sight and no information found about lawn rolling.
  2. CharlieBingo

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    What is that exactly used for?
  3. apexlawn03

    apexlawn03 LawnSite Member
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    Lawn rolling compacts bumps in lawns, smooths out areas that are rough from plow damage, walking in wet lawns driving in wet lawns , in early spring it will strip the lawn . I have seen people by me have there lawns rolled by the construction type and tow behind type for the few years, The company doing this is also the same crew that in fall seals driveways and summer time repairs and replaces driveways. I was looking for infomation comment concerns. The hydro roller would less likely get stuck. I see the lawn roller crew start in early spring, Also wanted to know if others offer it as spring clean or up fall clean up or not at all,
  4. battags

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    That's pretty slick! I don't know if I could justify shelling out the money to buy one, unless they were not that expensive to start. I would love to see one of the rental places around get one for renting.

  5. chefdrp

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    i looked at the vid and that was at a golf course. They do rollinfg but they also do alot of areation to compensate for it. Rolling a lawn is very bad for the root system also.
  6. apexlawn03

    apexlawn03 LawnSite Member
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    In early spring it stripes the lawn before this lawn gets growing, It was made here in Central New York . The hydro roller would be good for a rental place from what I learned at show they talkeed about aeration coretype, overseeding ,spring feeding and rolling as a package service. Statment about lawn stripeing before spring clean up and how many lawns I have seen the lawn roller crew do the few springs money to be made not sure what others see potential customers
  7. Mic_bug

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    alot of customers are asking for it again this time of year.

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