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    here in lower michigan,i suggest lawn rolling...smooths out the lawn{can mow faster w\o bumps} also it helps w ground moles if u do it right after a good rain it helps out alot,we have done it in the rain lots of times....lmao...also if u do it in the spring it will kill baby ground rodents...its a must in mi.the ground freezes an lumps up....
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    100% not kidding. Here in NY this is what we use on lawns. When you call the rental place thats what they offer to us. Using the little push or pull behind a tractor ones arn't efficient enough. I've used this on my personal lawn and it works to smooth it out and my lawn is extremely health. Once again i'm not looking for a bashing here just asking for people opinions. If you don't agree thats fine, i'm open for suggestions on what you would do/use. Thanks
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    Ok if you are looking for suggestions my suggestion is that you do not use that machine on any lawn.That you do not perposly compact a customers lawn and then charge them for that and the aeration that will be needed because you rolled the lawn.Your lawn may be healthy..but it is NOT because you compact it by rolling it.Rolling is for installation and prep for installations only.
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    I think someone wanted to be a road maker but changed their mind and decided to be a "lawn care professional". I don't care if you think thats what you should use because its NOT. We are not trying to bash you its just you are putting it on yourself, sorry. That would not fly around here if other lawn companies saw you doing that with that they would have no choice but to talk to your customers out of the goodness of their hearts.
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    Rolling is not desirable for smooth, uneven lawns. Surface compaction is common in many lawns without adding to the problem by heavy rolling. Rolling moist soil causes maximum compaction -- a fine way to build roadways but not soils for turf.

    When late winter freezing and thawing have resulted in “heaving” young plants out of the ground, or if mole activity is serious, rolling may be required and is acceptable. In such cases, roll soon after spring thaw when the soil surface is relatively dry, and use as light a roller as possible. Don't roll more than is absolutely necessary.
    Rolling is not considered a necessary turf maintenance practice. Heavy rolling of saturated or clay soils in spring will cause soil compaction and increase soil moisture stress the following summer. This is why rolling is generally not recommended by turf specialists. However, rollers do have some usefulness in turf. Light rolling is effective immediately following seeding to insure good seed-soil contact. Rolling can also insure good sod-soil contact after sodding. Rolling may also help in other isolated occurrences such as severe mole damage or frost heaving. Rolling should never be used to correct surface undulations caused by improper grading. Water-filled rollers are usually available from rental agencies.

    But hey!!! What do I know? Guess I don't live in an area where moles exist...or do I? I've never had to experience a lawn with frost heaving...even though I grew up in Wyoming. And guess I should have my head examined for trying to help people who already know everything....time to go to the doctor...See YA!!!:eek:
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    We roll greens and other sports turf throughout the summer. I can see doing it if the lawn is very bumpy. I would caution you to look out for irrigation heads and to make sure the drums don't have any oils on them...
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    Thats different and that turf is used differently.You cannot compare greens maint to lawn maint.
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    I was just getting ready to say that. Guess I'm a little slow on the :gunsfirin today.
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    I used one of those on a lawn before. The local power company turned around in a yard with one of their pole trucks and put deep ruts in it. They called me and I rented one of those to smooth out the ruts. It did a pretty god job. We did aerate and seed afterwards
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    I would have to disagree. Greens are more high maintenance but the philosophy in their care is similar...

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