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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by whattam, Apr 27, 2001.

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    I am a homeower in a desert climate with sandy soil and need two pieces of advice 1) what fertilizer program should one use - there are so many brands and mixtures - are there any general rules - Also I applied a Fred Meyer brand bleive it was 20-6-10 or something like that about two weeks agor- it doesn'tlook like it had any impact on my lawn. Should I wait a copule more weeks or can I apply something better now?
    2) when is the best time to water - I have ug sprinklers on a timer?

    thanks for any and all advice
    ps - my goal is to keep up with neighbors who all use professional services
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    1- Living in Virginia I am not familiar with the soil of a desert area. Call your county extention agent and take him or her a soil sample (about ten plugs from around the yard). This will get you started. From the soil sample the agent will recommend type, content, and frequency of all product to apply.

    2- Turn it on very early in the morning, if humidty is not a problem in your area (it is here in Virginia) you can turn it on say 3 a.m. to cycle. That way it's out of site per say of all your activities around the house. Also DO NOT water every day, deep water a few time a week.
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    go with the soil sample.....
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    The one here is an excellent source of free information such as you are seeking.

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