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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jason Rose, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Jason Rose

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    It's up and looks pretty good, BUT it's only about an inch/inch and a half tall now. Has not been mowed obviously. Is it really safe to put Dimension on now (.10%)? Iv'e done it before on small patches that had been reseeded, but never a whole lawn. I'm thinking that the roots have developed over the winter more than the tops, and it's been 4 months or so since it was seeded.

    Is it ok or not?

    (situation is, this is one home of 9 in a small HOA that's the newest. I can treat it seperately if I need too with a tupersan product but it's going to cost them more $$$ and I'll have to track the stuff down.)
  2. Shades of Green LService

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    I'd hold off until it gets mowed 3-4 times. Tupersan products are expensive. How big is the property? If you just seeded in fall there probably isn't much of a weed problem anyway.
  3. RAlmaroad

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    Listen to Shades--No Dimension or anything--let it toughen up and those roots get deep into the ground. Make sure that mower is sharp, sharp, sharp. You could pull that fine grass outa the ground with dull blades. and mow high to shade the ground and not as much thatch.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Ok. This is Kansas though, the crabgrass capitol of the nation... No way am I not putting some type of pre-emergent down! Post emergents for crab just don't work here, season is too long. No treatment now would be suicide, 100% invasion of crab over the summer and homeowner would have to replant in the fall.

    No worries on the mowing practices, I've grown in many a lawn over the years. I just get more concerned since this is a new customer plus it's a planting done by another contractor.

    I think it's around 5,000 sq. ft or a little more. It's part of a HOA so I didn't measure each individually. I will call and order some Tupersan tomorrow (Hi-yeild brand, I can get it wholesale thankfully!) Come back in 30 days and follow up with Dimension.
  5. turfsolutions

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    Don't waste your money on Tupersan. The product is expensive and not very effective IMO. They didn't say not to put down a pre emergant just hold off a bit. What are your soil temps right now. Night time soil temps around 55-58 3 nights straight is when you start seeing germination. Not sure on your area but you are most likely cooler than that. Since the lawn is only 5k you can spray Q4 or drive if you have some breakthrough. Better for the lawn to root and be ready for the heat than worry about getting pre m down too early and hurt those roots. Patience.
  6. MStine315

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    I agree. Pound it with starter, get it good and thick, let it toughen up and spot treat with Drive as needed. There's no reason Drive shouldn't work, Kansas or not.

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