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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by SeedSquirter, May 2, 2004.

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    Compost is easy to apply with a hydroseeder as long as you use a quality compost. Compost that is not completely composted and containing larger particals will clogg your spray nozzle. I suppose you could always get a bigger nozzle. It is also a heavy material and requires constant agitation to stay suppended or it will seperate from the water and settel to the bottom of the tank. It can also settel in you spray hoses and cause cloggs there as well. it is best to just mix what you are going to use at each site instead of just mixing a tank load and trying to spray several different sites. When you stop spraying the compost will settle in the hoses and can be pretty hard to unclogg. I have sprayed as much as 400lbs in a 500gal jet hydroseeder and could probably add a little more but I dont like fooling with cloggs so I dont take chances.
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    Thanks for the reply....great infomation. What are your thoughts on "Monty's Joy Juice", "Plant Marvel", "compost tea" or any other bio stimulants? Worth the investment? Discussions along these lines seem to be at best trial and error.
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    My thoughts on those products are that they probably work but I have a hard time believing that just a few ounces per acre is really going to make that big a difference.
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    "I have also tried Monty's Joy Juice (yellow label) as well as Plant Marvel which were both night and day improvements over the Lesco - but I am still looking for something better."-earlier post.

    We just had a Monty's rep come by and discuss his line of products. For new seeding you should use the green labeled product. Also, can be combined with Liquid Carbon to help break down any hard, clay soil. I'm going to give these products a try this spring with my slit-seeding.

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