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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by vcoop70, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Gross $60,000

    80 hr per week x 30 weeks = 2,400

    $60,000 / 2,400 hrs = $25 hr gross.

    No wonder you can not afford help.
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    ditto. You need to know your exact cost to do business in order to even start to figure out how to price work to make money. it took us a few years of collecting data to even get a ballpark on a budget. Running a business 100% legal is much much different than how most of us start out.
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    Thank you everyone! When I say I made 50k that means net profit not gross profit. But yes I have been thinking I am kind of making a mistake to not have some room for new good customers who wouldn't cheap out on me. I guess I just needed some encouragement from some other people. Another question I have is about lawnmowing and cleanup. I hate mowing somebodys yard quick and leaving leaves and sticks laying around. How do others decide how to price this? It can vary from week to week. A big part of being successful in this current market is giving people a good bang for their buck. I find myself taking 5 or 10 minutes at every lawn doing a little extra cleanup while my help does the easy stuff. Makes my customers happy, but makes my week harder. I am a detail freak, hence the 80 lawns. :hammerhead:

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