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Lawn Signs, design and use....

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Loooogie, May 31, 2009.

  1. Loooogie

    Loooogie LawnSite Senior Member
    from YORK
    Messages: 295

    Hello, I have a new driveway sealing company in Canada :canadaflag:

    I am planning on doing some lawnsigns and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions to help these signs generate a decent call volume?

    I am considering things like what colors are good(more than one color??), wether or not to add graphics, shoud I add my business name or just my service?

    Also, I am planning on doing a nice website and soon will adding the website to the sign, will it help or hurt? I am thinking that once the customer gets on the internet they will start shopping around, if I just have my phone number on the sign they have no choice but to call me???

    I think sticking in the grass after you finish the job and I bet the customer pulls them out the next day, maybe high traffic areas are better?

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