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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ecoguy, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Hey boys/girls. What do you recommend for maintaing grass on a slope? Obviously the challenge is the leeching away of water and nutrients so would you concentrate on ammending the soil for better water and nutrient retention? I have an entire town build on a slope and its a constant problem. The funny/ironic thing is the homeowners who don't give a crap about their lawn actually have green grass because of their sloping northern neighbours. So, should I topdress on the slopes and encourage the customer to vary their watering to avoid runoff?

    Btw - I just launched my company this week! Lush Eco Lawns!! Exciting and nerve-wracking.
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    well ther are several ways to go about this:
    are you having to pay for it, or are they? can landscaping be put in the area?ca you put french drains near the problem areas, can you terrace the area, put in some large rocks/boulders in strategic areas to slow the rate at which the water is moving.?
    or maint. wise are you trying to figure out how to keep it maintained/ mowed. how steep is the slope? is it in full sun, full shade, etc.?
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    Aerate and topdress with compost to catch and hold as much water as possible b4 it runs away. Slopes are always a problem so be sure to institute a 'low maintenance' regime. Too much fert on a slope will only cause dieback because it can never get enough water.

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