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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by r_d337, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. r_d337

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    Hey I was thinking about offering a new service package this year for my residential clients. I currently bill out at the end of each month for the services completed. But then some months when I am doing alot of work, peoples bills are twice as high as in other months. I was thinking about offering a 12 month program that would include all aspects of lawn maintenance. Mowing, fertilizing, aerating, spring & fall cleanups. And then also adding winter snow removal to it. I would then average the entire amount over 12 months and the customer would be charged the same amount monthly during the course of the year. Is anybody doing anything similar? Have you ran into any problems? I have already pitched the idea to two of my customers and they love it. What do you guys think? My only concern is if there is little snow or a drought they may not wanna pay me and that would mess up the whole "equal monthly payments".
  2. theguynextdoor

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    I was just thinking about doing the exact same thing. Make sure you put in your contract that no credit will be given/refunded due to weather conditions. If anyone asks why they still have to pay the same amount, I just say that it will go towards any extra work or time we have to spend on the lawn, say it takes a little extra time to do the lawn in the fall or something like that.
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    The equal payment plan works!!! I tried it 6 years ago and would never do it any other way and I have 100% residential. The idea is that they are not going to get that large bill no matter the amount of service . Some summers are very dry and sometimes the opposite.....and same for the winter. Just prove yourself and be DEPENDABLE during those winter storms or wet summers. I'm willing to answer more questions. The advantage to you is a steady cash flow year round .All the best.
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    Does your yearly price include mulch, how big is your average resi?
  5. IMAGE

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    I am also offering this package, lawn and snow. I offer one month "skip payment", in december. I only have 1 customer on this, but I am trying to get more this way. Its nice to know you have that money coming in, easier to budget.
  6. r_d337

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    Thanks for your replies guys. My equal payment plan would include approx. 20 cuts, 4 fertilizer apps, core aeration, spring & fall cleanup, and snow shoveling throughout the winter months (5-6 months). My pricing works out to about approx. $155/month for 12 months, that is an average 6-10k lot. Services such as mulch, hedge trimming would be priced as add on services.

    Do you guys all make your customers sign contracts, locking them into a set amount of time. Or is it more just a mutual agreement.

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