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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by guyinmichigan, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. guyinmichigan

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    First time caller, long time listener.

    Been on the site for years, really appreciate all the feedback. There are alot of us out there that don't post so I'll say thanks from all of us "surfers" that never really get involved but learn alot on here... but I can't find an answer. Tried the search feature but not getting anything that works.

    After 5 years I've built up a pretty good base, with 4 crews going out. I have always just kept an excel sheet to keep track of everything and it works great... except at the end of the month when filling out invoices... by hand. When it was 15 accounts and even 40 it wasn't that big of a deal, but now near 200 :hammerhead:... not fun.

    I have looked at a couple different lawn software packages but none seem to "fit". sooo.....

    I am looking for a software package that is:

    - Built to handle larger companies
    - Online access to see all company info while on the road and update if needed.
    - Easy to customize Customer files where I can put in different rates for different lawns, which crew, which day, special instructions, etc...
    - Auto scheduling for weekly and bi-weekly customers, fert, pruning, etc.
    - Auto generated invoices at end of month
    - An easy to view screen of work scheduled daily, weekly, monthly

    It seems that the free trials I have tried with a couple different packages are built for smaller companies, also trying to set up an invoice template that matches me is very difficult.

    I've streamlined it as much as I can (doing it manually) but I'm at the point where I want to update the schedule daily if needed and hit "PRINT" at the end of the month. Is it possible?

    Thanks, I'll go back in my hole for a couple years. :sleeping:
  2. tinman

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    from ga
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    Gopher is all I have ever used but it sounds like you need more. To my knowledge gopher does not have online access. Quickbooks online maybe... with an online calendar for scheduling.
  3. Southern Elegance

    Southern Elegance LawnSite Member
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    clip is the best.. but very pricy and not user friendly... we use grounds keeper pro
  4. klogan011

    klogan011 LawnSite Member
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    We use Qxpress. It auto syncs with quickbooks and has been seemless. Your can customize all you forms. Its is also available to view/edit online. You can rent it or buy it.
  5. TMlawncare

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    We use Qxpress Platinum with Quickbooks Pro. It works great for us and I think I am still using only a portion of its capabilities. For online use you would need Qxpress online version. Works about the same but is accessed via the internet. This is a pricey program but one of the best investments we made in the company. To get invoices out at the end of the month use to take 5-6hrs. Now I can have invoices and envelopes printing in less then a few minutes. Now if it could only stuff envelopes, well nothing is perfect.
  6. fjrlawns

    fjrlawns LawnSite Member
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    I'm one of those "surfers" but lately found I need more than just reading...We use QuickBooks. It has the capability to grow with your business and is constantly improving. ....agree with stuffing and sealing the envelopes!:)

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