Lawn Solution's 2011 Riding Turf Aerifier

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    Lawn Solution's 2011 Riding Turf Aerifier​

    Lawn Solution redefined the word "productivity" when it came to aerators in 2009 with the introduction of their 1st riding aerator and their new 2011 model is doing it again. New for this fall is a 16hp Kawasaki powered unit that is more compact, lower to the ground, and adds more speed with more precise controls which is important when controlling the ground breaking 1,300 lbs of down pressure this unit exerts over the tines while pulling 4"-5" plugs at speeds up to 7 mph even on hills.

    When ordering, let us know you are a LawnSite member and get free freight (lower 48 only) on orders placed by July 4th. Lead times for new units are 2-3 weeks.
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    everyone needs pics and specs
  3. LawnSolutionsCP

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    For a video of the unit in action click below:






  4. LawnSolutionsCP

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    All the pictures above are single pass (no overlapping). Aerating the golf tees was set at 2.5". The blue grass area was 4" plugs.


    16HP Kawasaki
    Hydro-Gear Integrated Commercial Hydraulics
    5 Gal Fuel Capacity
    47.5" Total Width, 62" Long
    980 lbs total weight
    7 MPH Ground Speed
    1300 lbs of total pressure applied over the tines.
    Adjust the depth of plug on the fly.
    Raise and lower the tines in less than 1/2 second
    Pulls good plugs in the middle of the summer or soft ground conditions without tearing turf.
    Unmatched hills side stability even while aerating or turning.
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    Its a nice machine and your company makes great products but $8500 for an aerator is alot of aeration's. I would love to have it as I hate to do aeration's because of the difficulty and hard work. Your machine seems to make aeration a breeze. The problem is (at least in my area) aeration prices are dropping like a rock. Your lucky to get $50 for a half acre. Company's ( and I use that term loosely) are doing aeration's for $40. High school kids will rent one and canvas neighborhoods on the weekend and charge low prices.

    Like I said its a nice machine and seems well built. But it would take too long to pay for itself. I guess I'm stuck busting my @$$ for a while longer until I can justify the purchase. Do you have any rentals that sell for less?

    Don't get me wrong I love your products from what I hear about them and see... but not too many can drop $8500 for an aerator.


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    This is a cash cow! if you want to be ordinary do it the old way. This machine crushes every machine on the market. If you don't have the clients, thats one thing. But if you have a decent clientele its a no brainer.
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    Looks great. What are the tine spacing? Do they pull more plugs per sq ft than a Plugr PL 600?
  8. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Tines are setup on 3.5" spacing. The pictures show single pass only. There is no need to do a double pass while aerating with this machine.

  9. DSTC

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    I just bought a 2010 model about two months ago from Josh and David over at Lawn Solutions, and I have to say that I will NEVER go back to walking behind an aerator.

    This machine is nothing short of AMAZING. I can easily pull 3-4" plugs in nice topsoil lawns with the pressure set to about 400lbs (plus machine and operator weight). It will pull decent plugs even in the red Georgia clay we have around here.

    I also have a Plugr 850HD and this aerator beats the pants off of that machine. I've also owned a Walker Mower Perferator made by plugr, and I demoed a Zplug. I used to say that I would never buy an aerator that didn't use cams to drive the tines into the ground, but now I've changed that to I will never buy and aerator not made by Lawn Solutions.

    A few weeks ago, I was able to aerate 2 Acre football field and 2 Acre soccer field that we do for a school around here. I had irrigation marked, both fields aerated and was in the truck 4 hours. that would be hard to beat even with a tractor.

    I've had a bit of a learning curve with the chains that are used to drive the tines and the wheels, but David and Josh have been there for me anytime that I've needed them. They've been great to work with and have gotten parts out to me in a flash.

    You just can't find a better machine from a better company in my opinion.

    Just buy it and get out there and sell the jobs! Aerating is one of my favorite things to do now, because of this machine. If they could just invent some kind of irrigation head marker............

    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well said!!!!
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