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    Visit our Booth at the International Lawn Equipment Expo in Louisville, KY (Oct 6-8) and enter a chance to win a NEW Turf Revitalizer from Lawn Solutions Commercial Product, Inc. We will hand out tickets at our booth (3934) and collect the tickets at our demo area. At the end of the show on Sunday we will draw a name. If the winner is present they can take the unit, or if not, they will be contacted to have the unit shipped ($120 via RoadWay Express) to their location. The winner does not have to be present at the end of the show to win, but you do have to visit our booth inside and demo a unit outdoors to enter.

    Visit our website at www.LawnSolutionsCP.Com to view our product spec and demonstration video.

    You can also visit our spec sheet for the Revitalizer at

    The Turf Revitalizer is a power seeder, dethacher, and power rake in one. It is the only true hydrostatically driven power seeder with pistol grip controls allowing the operator to maneuver the unit with ease. We also use sealed hydraulics (no hoses) which requires no maintenance for the life of the unit eliminating the chance of leaks and contaminations in the hydraulic system.


    David Cook
    Lawn Solutions Commercial Product, Inc

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