Lawn Solutions New 24" Dual Hydro WB Aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Barefoot James

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    You should see the 2015 model :laugh: I would think they can build anything - specific to what you want. You don't have to get the Briggs you can get what you want on it and they will put it on.
    Myself - I have asked for a top dresser 3 years ago.... still waiting. Not going to worry about it, when it gets done and if I like it I will get one....until then I make do with what I got. They build great stuff and their Turf Revitalizer has made me a lot of money. If you aren't making money using one of those then you are not doing something right. BTW I have spent more money on the repairs and updates for that original unit than it cost me (I have unit #29 - new engine, cables, tines, tines, tines, tine reels, tires - almost everything but the hydros and body) But I still only got about 5K total in the whole thing and it has made close to 200K - Whats that like 4000% profit or a 97.5% margin. I will take that everytime! Anything that hits the ground is going to need repairs, upgrades and know how. LS at least gives us all unique insight into their processes, opporations and strives to give us what we need to make us all more money!
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    Pulling 9 plugs per square foot is a stretch with the 24 dually WB if in fact tine spacing is 4" x 6". My lawn solutions 21" has tine spacing of 3.5" x 6" and I'm not getting 9 plugs. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but 7 is possible with rotating a square foot cut out with a 3.5 x 6 pattern.

    Other manufactures are claiming 9 per square foot in single pass and I'm continuing to call their bluff...:hammerhead:....I'm still trying to figure out on paper how they are figuring 9 per sq foot. That is easy with a Plugr 800, 850, 855 or a Ryan 28 no matter how you rotate the square.

    The 24 dually hydro will no doubt pull deeper plugs since tine spacing is more spread out.

    The LS 21" WB needs the full weight kit from the out set. I'm considering putting additional weight on mine beyond those but I don't want to make the unit any more top heavy than it already is when traversing side hills, grassy swells etc.

    21 WB s rolling tine across
    24 dually WB 6 tines across.

    Pics of the WB clipped from their video in this thread

    My preference would to be sport for the LS Stander with 8 tines across and the tighter 3.5" spacing.
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    I'm not sure how everyone expects a 300 lb aerator to perform. It's 300 pounds. The core depth is based on the depth the tine can penetrate the soil. If the soil is dry and hard, any 300 lb aerator will not perform up to the normal standard.

    What you get with a LS is the hydro drive which takes a tremendous amount of effort out of aerating. On equal routes, I've been able to increase my productivity by nearly 40% and still had energy at the end of the day. Another huge advantage is that the machine can not only travel in reverse, but aerates in reverse. Nearly all properties I aerate have sidewalks. The park strip is an annoying little strip to aerate. With my LS, I aerate forward to the end of the first path and then in reverse for the next path. I pick up time not only this way, but also being able to aerate in reverse when I come up to a hard stop area that would normally require the old Ryan/Bluebird/Billy Goat beater aerators to stop, disengage the tines, lift the machine, turn, reingage the tines and repeat at the end of every pass as well.

    With over 200 aerations/year, there is no way I will ever go back to the traditional model of aerators.

    I'm extremely satisfied with my LS walk behind and the LS Ride on aerator.
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    Isn't your used Revitalized a 6 HP unit purchased used from Home Depot tool rental? That machine is a toy compared to our 9hp models and was designed for Home Owners. We stopped sellingthis size in the US market for the exact comments you have stated. Landscapers would form their opinions about a homeowner model instead of buying a commercial grade unit. Also, the Home Depot units were custom built for them to be slow like your unit is. I would highly suggest visiting a dealer to try a commercial unit. There are also rental stores in your area who have the 9 HP model in their rental fleet as well.

    Let me know if you need help finding one.

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  5. Jason Rose

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    thanks for the reply, david.

    Yeah that's what I figured out, after I bought it, that it was "custom" and a dumbed down version of sorts. I've replaced a belt, tightened up the drive belt and I think it will be going back on craigslist. At least I got it at a good price. The guy had 8 of them and sold them all for the same price in under 2 weeks, so I know that price it will resell again.

    I'm 99% sure there's NO rental places around my home town that have them...
  6. LawnSolutionsCP

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    The 24" DUAL HYDRO (2011 models) should be available in about a month. We made some changes to the controls and added an optian alternate engine option....14 HP Honda will be available.

    The new units should start showing up on our website....I used to run the website but now I just do product development, shoot videos and update YouTube.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to clone myself and keep doing we keep growing I have given these jobs to others and they are working on it.

    We have lot going on right now any everyone is going 100 mph....our new website will be 1st class.
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    We had a lot of companie buy them up and then spend ~$600 in parts to convert them to the 9HP version....engine, pulleys, belt cover, wheels, cutter reel, etc....basically everything except for the frame.
  8. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Closest rental would be:

    Grand Rental Station
    1505 Vine St
    Hays, KS 67601

    They have both our 9HP Revitalizer and our 21" hydro aerator.
  9. Jason Rose

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    $600 would buy the engine too? That's not a bad idea actually and would be a load cheaper than buying a whole new machine... I paid $1,200 for the one I have and its had little use. HD couldn't rent them that's why they sold them all off a year early.

    I assume the different wheels and tires (pneumatic) would give the proper ground clearance for the transmission? Is the new guard expensive? Could the one I have be trimmed so that the wheels would fit or is there another reason to change the guard?

    I guess this is all getting wayyy off topic as this thread was about the new aerator, not my revitilizer... If you want to PM me with more details that would work!
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    Sweet. I was a big pusher for the dual hydro to come out late last fall. I think the wait has paid off. The new controls look great and having some alternate engine options is a big plus.

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