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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by 1bigdaddy62, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. 1bigdaddy62

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    Just heard from my LS dealer today. He said that the dual hydro 24" model will not be available until fall of this year. FYI
  2. stang2244

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    Thanks for the update, that's disappointing to hear.
  3. sildoc

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    Yeah talked to LS themselves about this. Talk about poor planning. said they would be taking orders in August. Were nearly done by then. Oh well maybe in a few years.

    RBLYNN LawnSite Member
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    The plugrs are great for pulling plugs, and the tines last quite a while. My only problem is the 850 I bought a couple years ago, before the new style. It gets beat to heck, and have had to weld the handle at the bottom of the frame several times, and even reinforced with rebar to try to help. Bought a 410 Plugr 7 yrs ago, and the thing is tiny, but a beast. Have aerated over 2800 yards with it, and it still outperforms the bigger model.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I remember you had said you where considering a Ryan 28 or Plugr 855. Plugr 850/855 pulls 33% more plugs in single pass than the LS dual hydro tine spacing @ 4" x 6"

    My vote is for the LS Stander with the densest rolling tine pattern in the industry. 3.5" x 6" more dense than a Plugr 400, 410 or 600. Same as the 21" WB but you need the full weight kit.
  6. Exact Rototilling

    Exact Rototilling LawnSite Fanatic
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    Please explain...
  7. grass4gas

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    You know, I can't even remember the last time I saw a post from David. He used to be check in pretty regularly, but not as of late.
  8. stang2244

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    I agree with your thoughts on the LS Stander being the best. The problem is, I do a lot of yards that are only 2-3k sf and I think the stander will be a little big for these properties. I'm not going to lie though, I DREAM of being able to just ride on while aerating all day long. It sounds fantastic.

    RBLYNN LawnSite Member
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    I haven't had to do anything to the smaller model, except change the occasional tine, and oil. It's the energizer bunny. The 850 is too big for how much clay and rock is in the soil here I guess. Adjusting belts, rewelding the handle on several times, replacing the key in the clutch assembly, is a pain compared to the other. True, it does aerate 50% more area than the other, but it breaks down 50% more of the time. Just wish it was built stronger for the abuse. DO you know if they've upgraded any of those areas. I was thinking about buying the LS ride on aerator, just don't know durability, how it does on hills and wet conditions? Is it like the Wright stander?
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    You are very correct the Plugr 850 has a very HIGH fiddle factor. I haven't had the clutch key fall out or good bad on me [can you describe that] and I'm frankly waiting for the frame to crack on my older 850 in the spot you mentioned. Cracked frames are common on the PL600 and PL800 as well. If you don't mind can you PM me you serial number or post it here so I can see if yours is older/newer than mine. Another poster here said Plugr fixed his frame even though it was past warranty and THEY have since upgraded or reinforced the stressed areas on later generation 850's. The front frame rail on mine is split on the square tubing and my GX200 engine has a stress cracked on the left rear position causing an oil leak. The tine cover on mine has bounced around so much I has stress cracks that have been stop drilled and the spot weld on the slide rail finally gave way and reached it with hardware. When I engage reverse on the Hydro drive I'm experiencing an intermittent binding effect [reverse only] like the hydro is malfunctioning or the chain is binding but every time I inspect chain adjustment it seems fine???

    I called Plugr last month about Hydro oil replacement and they said use SAE 30....WT? Who ever I talked to had to look it up...?

    The issue I have had with it [PL850] pushed me to get the Lawn Solutions 21" WB last Spring for some sort of redundancy. Even though the LS unit pulls a denser pattern than the Plugr 400 & 600's several of my customers noted "....Hey didn't your last aeration crank out more plugs...what's the deal with that NEW machine.?...?".

    I absolutely love to run the Lawn Solutions WB unit over rocky ground. Just a gentile clunk and a smile from me. I have the full weight kit and I'm going to be doing a weight mod on it shortly and attached extra weight to the back where the carriage bolt holes are and add more counter weights up front to for counter balance. On fairly flat properties it's a joy to use. Traversing side hills not so great you need to go up and down.

    I was considering getting a newer 855 or a Ryan 28 but I found a basically brand new slightly used Plugr 850 for $2500 just a month ago. I fell all over myself the grab that up. Now I have the needed redundancy. I'm still interested in a Ryan 28 but that will have to wait.

    I believe the new 855 is much simpler to maintain, fewer moving parts etc. My local dealer wants an arm and leg for them and I don't think has ever sold one. I'd like to see one my self. I have said it before...IMO - not much point in spending more money on a 850/855 or a expensive Ryan 28 unless you're getting more money out of using it vs. the more standard rolling tine units most people use. I'm done delivering 33% more Plugs with my 850 and paying the price of fiddle factor and expensive tines for aeration rates 1.5 times the mow rate. If clients insist on chewing me down on prices they will get the Lawn Solutions machine which will be my economy line of aerations yet still pulls 15% more plugs over other rolling tine units. With my marketing angle the wider spacing of the Dually 24 Hydro it would have to be priced lower than what the 21 WB would be? That unit just doesn't fit my business model of "more plugs pulled - in a pass".

    If one is not claiming more plugs with their aeration service and for ease of use the Lawn Soutions Dual Hydro look very slick as a WB and with the sulky.

    I'm tentatively interested in the LS stander however the size of the properties I aerate where I believe this unit would be most efficient are not all that profitable thanks to the big companies here. Just need to demo the machine in rocky soil and on side hills with rocks to be convinced if it is worth $8500 to me. Frankly there is more money in lining up 2 or 3 smaller properties than one bigger on here so the advantages of running a stander may not exist for me in my beat down market.
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