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Lawn Solutions New Hydro Aerator

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by 1bigdaddy62, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. bmoorefield

    bmoorefield LawnSite Member
    Messages: 132

    Here is the most current info. Dave was correct about only having a honda engines on the new hydro. I was told by my local dealer that since I was sold under the impression that it was $3950 that Lawn Solutions would honor that price becasue of the hassel. The downside is that it wont be delivered until the end of April now. I'm a little bitter that I will now have to rent for my spring aeration jobs.
  2. stang2244

    stang2244 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    I'm sure renting is a PITA but I would be more concerned about the beating your body is going to take! Looking forward to some reviews on this new aerator...
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  3. 1bigdaddy62

    1bigdaddy62 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 27

    I decided not to wait for the 24" dual hydro due to no solid reliable answers. I have had the chance to run my 21" over about 20 lawns so far and here is my Opinion of the machine. It is a revolutionary machine compared to old style drum based units. It s built like a sherman tank and has the correct size engine for the task at hand. It pulls VERY nice plugs, when you're done it looks like a large flock of Canadian geese landed and pooped their brains out for half a day. It is VERY easy on your body literally feels like a small self propelled mower. It turns tightly, sometimes you have to 3 point turn it but normally it turns nicely by just lifting the front end a bit. I would rate the machine a solid 8 out of 10. The 2 drawbacks i have noticed are the rear wheels get covered with soil/plugs if the lawn is damp. This causes the height of the rear to raise and reduce the depth of the plug (putty knife in back pocket and you can correct quickly) Second is the front is too light the weights need to be shipped standard, i noticed wheel spin frequently because of this. This machine will make you money and not ruin your free time with Chiropractic visits.

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