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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fatboynormmie, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. fatboynormmie

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    What size are the plugs you other owners are getting with your machines. I also want to know if you think the the other weights that can be added help with more penetration .My new ta21 only came with one weight there are 2 more spots in the rear and one weight for the front.Are they worth buying ?I see the holes in the ground but not alot of plugs.
  2. aeration

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    I've pulled a four inch core with my LS Walk behind. The soil was extremely moist. I typically pull around a two inch core, depending on moisture in the soil. Bottom line is, the machine weighs about 300 lbs. If the soil is dry and hard, 300lbs wont penetrate very deep. I don't buy these claims that other brands will penetrate the soil a lot better. I've used Ryan, Bluebird, Billy Goat, and Pluggr. They all weigh about the same. 300lbs is 300lbs. What you need to focus on when looking at a Lawn Solutions walk behind is the ease of the controls. Hydro drive allows one to aerate in reverse. This is great in the park strips and tight areas. You can back yourself out instead of pulling/tugging the machine out. Also, one can turn corners with the tines in the ground.
  3. fatboynormmie

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    No question they are easy to operate, night and day from my classen.The best plug I have pulled was 2 3/4" on damp soil.I agree 2" is the norm from what I've experienced.Thats with the stops in the top position on my machine.It dosen't seem to leave alot of plugs on top of the ground like my classen does .Its putting holes in the ground so I know it is aerating but its like the plugs might be breaking apart as there being cut.My concern is when I use my pull behind lesco aerator on the larger properties I cut in all the tight areas with the walkbehind.My lesco pulls good plugs and I worry about cust complaints.Might have to come up with a "SALES GUY PITCH" how my new machine not only cores but breaks up the cores so they feed the yard faster. What do you guys think of that one LOL.Most of my jobs are aerating and overseeding at the same time so the cores disappear before I'm gone anyway, but with this new machine I'm looking to expand this portion of my business and do more aerating by itself. Hey AERATION are you running the extra weight kit on your unit?
  4. aeration

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    FBnormie: No, I'm not using the extra weight kit.
  5. khutch

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    I put a 50lb bag seed across the back of the LS in addtion to the one weight. Seems to help quite a bit
  6. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Get the extra weights or make them. 2x5x10" bar of steel in the back pockets. Each one adds 30 lbs. You can order them have them cut by a local fab shop or at Metal Supermarket.

    Cost will be about the same and ours are rubber dipped / coated.

    They do make a small difference, but in the rock hard ground that we had this fall all across the U.S. even our 1,200 lbs aerator had a hard time getting pasts 2.5" at times.
  7. Pistol

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    My LS WB does not consistently pull plugs like a classen or a ryan, but it makes holes. Any theories as to why not as many plugs? How about the diameter of a LS WB aerator drum vs. the classen. Any engineers out there?

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