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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Jul 19, 2009.

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    We have just finished our field testing for our new ride-on aerator and will be starting production runs this coming week. The field test results were incredible. This unit has the productivity to replace 2-3 aeration crews with 1 machine with the ability to pull 2" plugs in almost any soil condition because it can apply more than 1,000 lb of down force over the tines. Under normal conditions the unit will easily pull plugs ranging from 2.5" - 4" with the ability to adjust the plug depth automatically from the control panel. The unit also has a 2-stage adaptive suspension system that is adjustable to give a smooth ride even while aerating at 7 mph. The below video doesn't do the machine justice.

    Changes from early prototype are base on input from LCOs who tested and demoed our early prototypes:

    Increase top speed to 7 mph
    Increase weight over tines to over 1,000 lbs (adjustable using hydraulics)
    Increased HP to 13.5 HP
    Increased rear tires to 16x6.5
    Increased caster tire to 13x5
    Width increased to 47.5"
    Larger suspension operator platform
    Ability to adjust plug depth on the fly at the control panel
    Chains - #50 Diamond; O-ring; racing motorcycle chains.
    Rear access panel for easy servicing
    Increase curb climbing ability

    Below is a video of some clips of LCOs trying it for the first time. It drives just like a stand-on mower with the ability to zero-turn on a dime without tearing turf in less than a second.


    Lead time - 2-3 weeks (built to order)
    Price - $7,800 (12 months no payments financing)




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    There must be some issue uploading your videos,none of them work unless its just my computer or something.

    Looks like a fine machine.
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    The setting on our windows media viewer must be messed up. It should stream and play right away.

    Try right clicking and select "Save Target As...". This will allow you to save the video to your computer and then play it. This should work, if it doesn't, let me know.



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    WOW that looks sweet
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    How much?

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    I got it to work,man that thing is bad ass!!!

    Little out of my price range at this point but something to keep in mind for down the road.
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    How much?

    Never mind Didn't notice the price.


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    Y'all REALLY need to update your website.
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    Check back later this evening.
    I just got the new layout from our designer. I'm planning on updating the server later today.

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    What's the latest on the WB unit?

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