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Lawn Solutions's New Mower....kinda

We are going to show this next week for the first time at the American Rental Show in Orlando, FL.

It is a tracked brush cutter that can take down a 4-5" tree and grind it up along with anything else in it's path. It will clear pretty much anything and grind it down to 4". It also does well mowing down tall grasses.

It has a very low center of gravity and less than 2 psi ground pressure so you can take it anywhere without getting stuck...even in very soft ground. All the hydraulics are under the deck which is sealed on all sides giving it 5.5" of ground clearance to drive over obstacles. Everthing is tucked away under the deck so they don't get torn off driving through brush.

It handles AWESOME and feels very light at the controls. Turn on the blades and it sounds like a turbine engine. Make an incredible woooshing sound and incredibly smooth. Drive over a tree and WOW. I just need to find enough places to give it a work out...it makes work more like play time.

20-24hp Kawaski V-Twin
40" Cut
44" Total Width and 72" long
Twin blades - 3/8" hardened steel with fails and carbide cutter that are easily replacable.
4 mph top ground speed
Dual hydrostatic drive
2 psi ground pressure on tracks

We are looking at adding a fold down operator platform for riding when doing larger jobs. In rough terrain it is better to walk with the unit.

Retail is $6,500 and will start taking order next week for April delivery.


Brush Cutter.jpg

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
A walk behind brush cutter that actually WORKS? That thing looks like a beast for sure. Surely you made a video! :)

I've tried a billy goat, and to my suprise it was about as worthless as trying to use a 21" push mower in the thick stuff, and I was just mowing prarie grass, not trees!


LawnSite Senior Member
Im iffy with anywalk behinds, even the DR is the best walk behind i have used but it dont stand a chance to the commercial DR pull behind, i think its cause the pull behind has the floating deck and crap can get out alot better so no clogging, and it was the break away blades, but man it does such good work, ill have to try and get some pics up, o and best part, walk behind you have to walk, pull behind, i just ride the quad an crankup the Ipod and chew some seeds

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
So when is Lawn Solutions going to break into the commercial mower market? Perhaps a good 32 to 34 inch hydro walk behind with a catcher set-up that dosn't hang off the side as far as the mower is wide... Timed twin blades (like the old troybilt decks, but heavier duty) to make the machine super short and cut and mulch awesome, also a crank deck height for infinate and on the fly cutting height settings.

Just tossing out the idea.