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I'm looking to purchase a 200 gallon sprayer and I'm curious as to what everyone else is using and why. I'm looking at a Gregson Clark V-200 with a Honda 5.5 and a Hanney electric reel with 400'of hose for around $2900. I like the fact that it sits in the bed sideways so there is still room for granular material etc. What do you think?<br>Thanks!<br>


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Those are nicer for the reasons you mentioned. If you're only spraying for weeds, I would not buy a truck-mount unit.


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If you got real busy and the truck blew an engine....................I'd mount it on a trailer, you can rent another truck if you needed to.<p>Homer
I have a 350 gallon skid mount spray tank. Older style so takes up 8ft of bed. Last year at an auction I bought a old tar kettle. I torched off the kettle then mounted a deck then put the sprayer on to that. I then made a box in the front on the tongue to put trimec bottles. The reel comes off to the right side. So the hose is always curb side. I put trailer lights on it and put a power wire to the plug for the reel. On 6 round light plugs the large center plug is for a power source like inside trailer light so I use that to work the hose reel. It works out great only down fall is in the tight complexs it a short trailer so harder to back around stuff. But other wise it works great. BEST thing of all I dont need a loader to put in a truck or on to a trailer. Plus any truck can take it out for the day.


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dirty jersey
i use a greens wheelie its a ten gal push sprayer with a 3 foot boom<br>


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ive seen them in am leonard for like 5 or 600 bucks! what is the advantge of them over a back pack sprayer? with the nozzle i put on my back pack it sprays at least 6 feet wide. if i were gonna invest in a sprayer on wheels it not having a motor would defeat the purpose becaue id still have to push it.


I use a 200 gallon sprayer that was custom made. It cost me around $2800. It was made by Banko Manufacturing. It is skid mounted with an aluminum frame (light weight and will not rust). It has a 5.5 HP Honda engine with electric start, Hypro D-30 diaphragm pump, electric hose reel, and 400' of hose. Definitely look into these sprayers. They can be custom made are and very simple in design. Call Richard Banko 1-800-710-9446 and he will send you a video. They are located in Florida but will ship them anywhere. I do not work for Banko Mfg., but I definitely endorse the sprayer they built for me.

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