lawn/sprinklers/fence. what order to do them?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by iamquaker, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. iamquaker

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    i am wanting to redo my yard. install fencing around the property line. install sprinklers, and redo my lawn.

    what order should i do these in so i dont have to redo many things?
  2. crab

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    sprinklers,fencing.fencing,sprinklers.lawn.lawn last lawn.nice.
  3. firefightergw

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    Fencing, sprinklers, lawn.
  4. Critical Care

    Critical Care LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You could probably do it either way, but you don’t want to drive your fence posts down through your irrigation pipe. With the fence up, you can do a better job of designing your irrigation.
  5. Dirty Water

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    Irrigation before fence.

    The reason is that its much easier to run a plow or trencher in an open yard over a fenced one.

    Just measure where your fence will be, and keep your lines over a foot away, using swing joints to bring the heads to the edge.

    Any irrigation installer worth his salt will prefer no fence and still be able to be accurate with the system.

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