Lawn stress or fertilizer burn or worse?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Hey guys, said I would post these pics up but now looking at these red thread pic's in the other thread it looks a bit like my yard also so the more I look the more concerned I get.

    Up till now I thought it was just stress, the main part of the front yard gets full sun from 11 AM on and as you can see in the pic's, the side is shaded which by the way looks great (well except for a few of my famous herbicide burns) :drinkup:

    Some of this was present in some photo's from about a month ago, as suggested I raised the blades which made it better. However, I did put a light lime app down on June 15th ahead of 2" rainfall along with a light app of 10-10-10 because I knew these rains were coming and I played the weather.

    Then, we got hot and humid, 90-95 degrees for the last week solid, one or two isolated t-storms and the ground has stayed wet.

    Pic's of side to follow. Am I looking at stress from the heat even though I raised the blades, fert burn or red thread?




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  2. kirk1701

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    Pic's of the side, took same time as the pic's above so the shades area could be more seen. Its just now 2 PM and this area is just now starting to get sun and lasts till about 6 PM during the summer.

    Again, the brown spots seen here are my famous herbicide burns :laugh:




  3. dishboy

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    Need a close up picture

    One of the pictures showing your edge looks like you the mower down the drought stressed lawn. Root feeding insects with insufficient irrigation may look like what you have going on. From what I saw your damage does not appear to be red thread, need closer picture, that much damage you definitely would be seeing the Red in the thread somewhere.
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  4. kirk1701

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    ahh, so thats where it gets the name red? We'll, thats one down as I definitely do not see any red. Here's some close ups from various places.

    Keep in mind we've had 6" + of rain for June. 3" or more which came down after the lime and 10-10-10 app but what I think maybe going on at the street (I assume thats what your referring to mower down) mowed at the same height; 3.75" but the spreader could not handle the large granules and clogs up so I do the turn without stopping. Have since learned here to do a circular pattern to prevent that :)

    I think, not sure but think more product was put down in the turn?




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    Fungus disease is still possible. But I suspect drought stress. Uneven pattern could be due to grass seed mixture. Some hardy grass mixed with seed from less hardy grass. Do you have tall fescue, rye and bluegrass?

    Could be fert burn along the edges at road. Also weed killer spots--as you mentioned.
  6. kirk1701

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    You are correct on the grass seed mixture.

    This was last year after TruGreen got their hands on it.

    Needless to say, I fixed it last fall myself, didn't kill off Chemlawns cheap seed but just reseeded with a power rake and Rebel V 100% tall fescue, drought and disease resistant seed. (or so it says) :laugh:
  7. EVM

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    I say fert burn with some disease "brown patch".
  8. kirk1701

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    OH great, two problems.

    So should I water? We were I say were expecting storms tonight but guess the weatherman was just wrong but whats new. :dizzy:
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    Looks just like my fescue area in my rear lawn...drought stressed is my guess.

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