Lawn torn out, what next?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Enginerd, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Renovating my lawn with the help of a friend who is an excavator (not experienced in lawn work). Typical suburban lawn in Chicagoland area (about 1/3 acre). Old lawn was completely over-run with "quack" grass, plus needed to be regraded. I dug out a few spots of grass by hand first to see if this crap would regrow, and it did not come back. Based on this, we decided to tear it out with the bobcat. Did not kill it off with Roundup first, but plan is to go over anything that comes back up (I want to be sure ALL this old grass is gone before replacing). How long should we watch the yard for regrowth before we can be sure it is all gone?

    Other questions:
    - We found alot of gravel under the grass up near the street. Should this rock be removed first, or will grading/top soil be good enough prep work?

    - Is there any product that we could till into the yard to help finish off any of the old grass that might still remain?

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    Usually we do it this way:

    - Spray the entire lawn with Roundup Pro (heavy application). Wait about 4-7 days for the lawn to die completly.

    - Dig up the entire lawn and remove all sod from the property

    - Cleanup and Grade exisiting remaining soil

    - Add 3-6" Screened Topsoil to area ) Spread with bobcat and york rake or Toro Dingo with bucket..

    - Hand Rake Entire Area for level, unpacked down surface

    - Seed and Apply Seedstarter Mulch

    Minimum for that is $2500.00.. Averaging about 25 new lawns per week right now at around $3900-7500 a piece..

    Need anymore help send me a PM.. I can help you


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    Thanks for the info!

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