Lawn tractor, for a year or so then back to a Z , + Health issues-:( any suggestions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by blair smock, Aug 15, 2004.

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    Lawn tractor, for a year or so then back to a Z , + Health issues- any suggestions?

    Guys, just got some news that I am going to be laid up for awhile, Doc said it is possible for max of 8 months ¡V 2-different surgeries, basically rebuilding my shoulder and I will have very little use of it. Any way, I planned on full time nxt spring but it looks like my full time job will have to stick around for another year or so. ƒº I just posted a lot of new equipment on the sale forun that I have been saving up for all summer but it ends up it will just be sitting, so I decided to use the money I get from it, to help live on. My question is this, I hate the idea of loosing some of my existing customers nxt spring- so I was wondering If I purchased a good Lawn tractor with a 52¡¨ belly mower. This way I could use my left hand to steer and keep my right arm immobile, also the breaks and gas would be pedals unlike a Zero turn. I could put one of those spinners on the steering wheels to help! Is there any really nice quality of cut belly mowers out there? Any of them have the 1800 blade tip speed? Probably wishful thinking but I hate being laid up. Any thoughts?
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    If you can't use one arm, how are you going to trim? I broke my wrist a few years ago. With a cast on my hand it was a ***** using the weed wacker. Having a bum shoulder I think would make it even worse. How will you load/un-load the tractor? If you're going to stay in the business, maybe it's time to hire help and supervise them.

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