Lawn tractor for weed jobs


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I have been using a husquavarna 46" 21 hp i bought used for fire clearance jobs. I am needing to get a new one this year and I know that lowes sells a 2 year warranty for that mower it costs 1700 for the mower probably another 2 or 3 hundred for the warranty. I hit alot of gopher holes and sticks ect, was wondering if anyone could help me find a tough lawn tractor for this or if I stick with the warranty. lowes is pretty good with their warranties i don't really want to get involved with home depot warranty. I've been looking at the snapper nxt2752 for about 3000 didnt know if it could take a beating or not?


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Sounds like you need a brush mower more then a finish mower.


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all i basically cut is some wild grass a little bit of tumble weeds not alot of brush and when i leave the job i like to leave it about 1 1/2 to 2 in down do brush cutters leave a nice clean look after i have never used one