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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by jprint37, May 27, 2004.

  1. jprint37

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    New homeowner looking to buy a riding lawn tractor for 3+ acres of flat land in Southwestern Connecticut.

    Budget is $3K to $4K.

    Key features are mulching, speed, 48" minimum deck, durability/long-lasting and ease of use.

    Please advise brand, model and any good dealers in my region. THX
  2. mowhigh

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    from Dallas
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    If you scroll down to the Homeowners Assistance Forum you'll find quite a bit of advice on this topic. At that price range, you'd probably be looking at a used commercial unit. If there's a dealer near you ( the JAZee ($4k+) would be one to consider. It mulches well, 8mph max, very durable zero turn with a flip-up deck for easy maintenance. The single joystick control is also easy to use.
    If you stick with a riding tractor, the top-rated (Consumer Reports) JD L110 (42" deck) or L130 would be good choices; the JD LX series would be better still, if within your budget. Good luck!
  3. viking72

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    JD GT series lawn tractor will do all you want and more.

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