Lawn treatment killing my 80' Black Cherry Tree


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I have a commercial lawn treatment company for my 3&3/4 acre farm. I noticed that they not been applying the correct amount of weedkiller as I had a lot of them. I called to complain to the manager(not the first time). He sent a truck out with instructions wipe them out. This was about three weeks ago. I noticed my beautiful 80' Black Cherry tree's leaves start to wither and turn brown,many have fallen off. The weather in the northeast has been great for the trees,cool plenty of rain. I had the tree inspected by a aborist last year and he remarked on what a beauty it was. I had it pruned and fertilized last fall. I have two other large female Black Cherrys out of range of the 'treatment',they are healthy. I'm sick about loosing this beautiful tree. Any advise or insight here would be greatly appriciated.....Thanks in advance!


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Applications containing the herbicides Dicamba or Triclopyr can be harmful to trees and shrubs.

80' tree! Wow, that's huge. Not likely a lawn application could have that kind of detrimental effect on that size of a tree.

Call and get a copy of actual materials used.

Eric E.

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Rock, It is impossible to make any diagnosis /recommendations without seeing the tree. I have a few questions that may help shed some light. What credentials did the "arborist" have that looked at the tree last fall? Why did he recomend fertilization and pruning. What type of pruning was done? Did he climb the tree with spikes? Has there been any disturbance in the area like construction, digging, heavy equipment, etc.. Where in the N.E. do you live? Is the tree in an area that water collects? Eric