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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jhawk71, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. jhawk71

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    I am currently looking in to buying a lawn vacuum. I am curious what you guys think about them. My neighbor has a yard man (there higher model) and he is looking to sell. As soon as there are leaves to pick up I will test it. For those that have them is it worth it? DO you have to go slow for them to work? Can they handle multiple yards? I am looking at these for a better way to do leaves in this fall because my scag doesn't't bag to well. Also will it pick up the pods the trees drop? My neighbor is asking $395 and it has 30 hours on. I understand that billy goat also makes one too. Any thoughts?
  2. Meg-Mo

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    Put MEG MO blades on the scag and save allot time this fall and then you are ready for spring also.
  3. Runner

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    I agree. There are many ways to gather and pick up leaves that are MUCh more efficient than these "vac" things. They just don't work that well and are very slow. Put it this way, if you mowed everything first, then bagged it, (maybe just bagged it the first time since you are running a wb), this is much faster than what these things pick up. Try shredding the daylights out of it, and you won't have nearly the amount to pick up. Perhaps it's time that you look into running doubles. Also DEFinitely consider Gators with leaf season coming on. We mulch most of our yards and pick up NOTHING. A few, though we gather and tarp. Your mower will work great for gathering as well, as IT can move leves much faster and efficient than a backpack blower. The key is to just use the right equipment at the right time for the right conditions. This varies all the time.
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    "The better way to do leaves"

    #1 get at least a half ton pickup

    #2 get a EZ dumper for it

    #3 make a leaf box for it

    #4 buy a used leaf loader to save money

    #5 buy a 8hp leaf blower and a packback blower

    #6 get a bag for the mower or a trac vac unit

    #7 hire a friend or even your old man for a day to help you out
  5. walker-talker

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    Pretty good advice there, but one question. If you are going to use the BP blower (I assume to blow out beds) and you are going to mow and vacumn the leaves.....why the 8hp leaf blower?

  6. mike9497

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    i would rather blow as many leaves as possible to the street.then go over the lawn with the bag and pick up the ones you left behind.if your to far away from your rig thats when the bagger comes into play.lets say i have a small house with a small front yard and a medium size back yard.the back yard is fenced in.well the front yard i would take the leaves and blow them to the street.the back yard i would blow out the beds around trees and the fence.then use my bagger sometimes with a big tarp in order to bring the leaves to the front yard
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  8. tiedeman

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    don't buy a vaccum
  9. dvmcmrhp52

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    I don't think they work very well at all.
    Dry leaves there ok but still slow, if they are at all wet,forget it.
    Spend the money elswhere.
  10. gogetter

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    I just saw an ad in the new Pro magazine for Bear Cats lawn vac. It says it has an "agitator bar" to get up matted down stuff. I'm guessing this is some sort of tines maybe(?).

    I had done a little research before about lawn vacs for leaf removal, and never really heard anyone say anything too positive about them.

    It seems weird to me that there are quite a few manufacturers making several different models of "Lawn Vacs", and yet nobody seems to use them. I've heard several people say they are good for parking lots, but not lawns. And yet the manufacurers call them "Lawn Vacs.

    If the main complaint is that they don't pick up well enough, then I could see where an "agitator bar" or some sort of tines that actually rake through the leaves first, lifting and fluffing them up so the intake area can suck them up may be beneficial.

    The other problem that came up a lot was the DUST. The bag has to vent, and that fine dust/dirt has to go somewhere. And that seems to be on the operator.

    I think the manufacturers need to get out in the field with some lawn guys and see if they can come up with some better designs to solve these problems.

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