Lawn vacuums?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mobilefleet, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Hey guys do these pull-behind your riding lawnmower things really work well? I have seen the DR lawn vac advertised in Popular Mechanics magazine, and also another brand called Swisher sold at Northern tool. Do you have to mow first and then vacuum the clippings by driving back over the lawn or can you be mowing and have the vac cleaning right behind you? Any opinions on how they work or other brands is appreciated and if you think they are worth what they cost, about $1000-1500
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    are you using that set up looks pretty sweet the $$ looks good to
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    Go with the cyclone rake, the castoring action will make it much easier. Go on there site and order the free movie for it, that will answer all your questions!
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    I mean that might be cool if you're going to haul them away, saves you the labor of tarping it onto the trailer. But otherwise I like my billygoat pushblower for no bs leaf-cleaning, that turbine puts out a rude 2,400 cfm of air.

    How much air is 2,400 cfm?

    I literally Control Hurricane-Force Winds with My Fingertip
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    Man thats cool.*Grabs cash and runs to a dealer*
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    Have you guys never seen a push blower before??? :confused:
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    Obviously not a Little Wonder, ANYway.....

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