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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Joel B., Jun 5, 2006.

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    Who are "They" and what makes them so sure that you need 1" per week?

    Water as you need to maintain the turf at a level of lushness and green that satisfies you. That may be less than 1" and it may be more.

    You can manipulate the times that you run the system, during the water window that you have. Also if you don't know the precipitation rate of the sprinklers, (each zone may be different as are the rates for rotors and sprays) then you won't be able to set up the time to run. One of those useful pieces of information.
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    "They" is probably the city (Minneapolis area) who probably got the info from an ag/turf watering chart taking into effect the type of grass coefficient multiplier factor for a given time of year. :drinkup:
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    higher watering requirements
    slower infiltration
    pot hole to check

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    joel, spring and fall every 4th day
    summer every other day

    An awesome book on this subject is the certified landscape irrigation auditor book from

    or you could always install an et based controller
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    Thanks for all the info. What would be considered a "deep watering", 1/2", 3/4", 1", more..?


    Joel B.
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    I am real glad we haven't seen water rationing in a very long time. Once it gets "hot" I recomend 1/2" of water every 3 days. If you do that, here in KS, during the worst part of summer, you will still mow grass every week. In your situation, 1/2" every fourth day would be my recomendation with the realization that the turf may try and go dormant if the summer conditions become severe. If that happens, I LIKE once per week, but in your situation would make a decision between every fourth day and every eight days. Every eight days should keep dormant grass alive and you can quit mowing. One other PITA with water rationing........don't forget that depending on your odd or even situation you end up with your schedule being skewed at the end of July and August for day 31.
    Your controller model will make part of this decision for you unless you like manually setting things the night before.

    Also, since we are dealing with Clay soil, like Purp mentioned, spliting your run time up and using multiple starts helps. If you have a mechanical, you can still utilize multiple starts (pull two pins). With a mech controller, you just have to make sure the controller is finished before it hits the second start pin. On dense clay that is reasonably flat, I like to limit the run time to 1/4" with a 30 min or more rest before it runs again. On slopes, I will use 3 or 4 start times to get the 1/2" target precip. A Mechanical controller usually has two weeks for the day cycle dial. Set it to run every 4 days and remember to cycle it forward to the right point every so often ( after day 12, you have to skip forward or back depending on your view)

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