Lawnaire 28 or lawnaire V?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Dec 10, 2006.

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    I am buying a couple new pieces of equipment, one of which is an aerator. i have looked at a lot of different models and prices. i rented and used a bluebird before and i hated it. it was a hard machine to use and just hard on your body. i am either making a decion on buying the ryan lawnaire V(26.5") or the ryan lawnaire 28. there is only an $800 dollar difference in price, which is not a problem. i just want to know which one will be easier on my employees, do the best job, and be the most efficient.
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    personally I would go wth a plugr aerator. They are the easiest to use.
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    are they easy to use? and do they do a good job?
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    I have owned a LA 28 for 6 years now, no problems besides broken tines every once in awhile...the biggest advantage and the 800 price difference is the ability to turn without lifting the machine after each pass. After a day of aerating- you will be glad you bought the nicer machine.
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    same here...spend the extra money and get the hydro.
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    is the lawnaire 28 slow?
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    Lawnaire 28 is only 800 more than a Lawnaire V? Something is wrong with that picture. Either its a heck of a deal on the 28 or the V is way overpriced.
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    $3900 for the NEW lawnaire 28. its on sale and is a 2006 model. the 2007 models are going for about $6000. i priced them out at a couple dealers

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