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Lawnaire 28 or Rock Solid PL600

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I'm looking at getting a walk behind aerator and would like to see some pros and cons of both machines from people who have them.

I can purchase a used but in good shape Ryan Lawnaire 28 for the asking price of $900. I probably can go a little lower. If I purchase a used one, what should I look for on one of these machines. I demoed it and it was very nice. How does it do on med to small hills? Will it pull itself up hills?

I am also looking at a Rock Solid PL600. It looks good. I have never seen or tried one other than the video online.

I'm would be using it on small lots and hills.


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I looked at the used Lawnaire 28 today. It seems to be in very good conditions. All the bearings are tights and everything seems to rotate very smoothly. You can tell the units has been taken care of or not used very much. The belts are a little dry rotted. How much work is it to change the belts? It looks like a nightmare job. What do the belts cost. I probably would change them all before using. I would hate to get a bunch of jobs lined up and have a belt brake.
Is the PL600 self propelled or does the plugging action push the unit along?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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