LAWNAIRE28 aerator...should it run like a turtle?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Apr 15, 2002.

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    bought this machine a few months ago used...does a fabulous job pulling plugs....its big, heavy but not too bad to turn compared to other machines..its got a few years on it, runs well, but no matter how far i advance the throttle, i'm only moving at a very slow walking pace. Idont want to spend the money on service if in fact this is just the way it runs.(im thinking maybe the throttle linkage is loose or something) The guys with the Lawnaire4's and 5' are done in half the time I am ....but their plugs aren't as nice....but time is money and Mr Customer most liklely doesn't care if their plugs are 2 inches versus 3 inches....would appreciate your input here if you've run one of these...thanks much.
  2. ohiolawnguy

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    we have had an old lawnaire 28 for at least 5 years now. it is old as dirt. even after putting a new 8HP briggs engine on it, it is still slow as molasses. but, it is a great machine for rooty, clay, or compacted soil.

    we also use lawnaire 4, and have a 48" aerator on our power trac utility machine.

    so, we only use the 28 when it is necessary, and we charge mch more for this machine than the others. reason being, is that yes,it is slow, but as far as performance goes there is not another aerator aroud who can core better than it does.

    i show customers plugs that it makes out of tree roots, and they immediately understand.

    also, when you explain that this aerator actually punches into the ground with the chain drive instead of the rolling action of most aerators, they seem quite impressed.

    i have heard that the new lawnaire 28's are much quicker than the old ones, but ive never seen a new one in action.
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    Im not sure if its the the 28, but I rent the ryan aerator all the time and I was wodering the same thing. I like the bluebird alot better. Its faster and it pivots, so you you can turn.
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    how much fo you guys chare for aeration by the job or by the sq. foot.

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