LawnBoy 2 stroke value please

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheBigGW, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. TheBigGW

    TheBigGW LawnSite Member
    from MA
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    I have a chance to purchase a lawnboy 2 stroke. model number 10323 year made 1999. used 15 times on a house that would take 5 minutes. Looks like it could still be sold off the showroom.... Help me with a price please. My good friends wants to get a fair price. I have never seen them for sale so i dont know what they sold for back in 99 or what they are worth. So please all let me know what its worth. Thanks guys for your help....
  2. WhitakerServices

    WhitakerServices LawnSite Member
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    I had one of those that I purchased in 97, it was solid. I gave 325 for it new and made thousands with it. Now I believe 150-200 would be a fair price.
  3. razor1

    razor1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I wouldn't pay to much for it. This might sound a bit off the wall, but I've picked up more than 1 perfectly good lawnboy 2-stroke mower at the dump. I first noticed some "good stuff" on a routine dump run a few years ago. When people move or the gas goes bad etc., good things get tossed. It's a throw away society we live in. Since then, I've also picked up Echo trimmers and blowers too. "What a country"! :usflag:
  4. mikes landscaping

    mikes landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from kansas
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    i say between 75 and 100
  5. TheBigGW

    TheBigGW LawnSite Member
    from MA
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    Wow the last guy 75 to 100 in showroom condition then i will take 5 of them so i have the power for a lifetime. Can anyone tell me how much it was worth brand new......thanks
  6. MarcSmith

    MarcSmith LawnSite Fanatic
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    just check the machine, those lawn boys were recalled for leaky fuel tanks and had dome deck cracking issues I had 6 of em....Ionly have 2 now...and replaced the other with Honda's

    I really miss the 2 stroke LB.... but I would not give more then 125 for it...
  7. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    The problem may be....who would want it....commericial guys usually don't like the lawnboy because it has too many cables and stuff hanging around that can get ripped off. Homeowners are looking for bigger units and sometimes riding units even for small yards. Give it to Salvation Army.

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