LawnBoy 21" commercial

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by AboveTheCut, May 29, 2008.

  1. AboveTheCut

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    i just picked up one of these and man, what a monster for a 21. i have another lawnboy 21, the silverpro series that is supposed to be commercial grade but this new to me true commercial with the 3 spd runs circles around the other one. 3rd gear is FAST ! i wish i would have gotten one years ago.
  2. huskres

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    what model number?
  3. Roger

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    LawnBoy stopped making a 3 speed Commercial mower in 2008. The only 3 speed models are the ones with a B&S engine. The 2 cycles models were discontinued three, or more years ago. If you bought a 3 speed model, then it is one from left-over inventory.

    I think the Silverpro series was a steel deck, not an aluminum one. The older models had a 2 cycle engine, but the last ones in the series had 4 stroke engines, such as B&S or Tecusesh. I don't recall any of that series being designated Commercial. I don't think they ever had a multi-speed transmission, rather a single speed one.

    As stated, model numbers would be of big help to describe your mowers.

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