LawnBoy 22271, new commercial hand mower availability?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, May 14, 2008.

  1. Roger

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    Does anybody know of the availability of these new mowers?

    I now have a staggered wheel LawnBoy, with a DuraForce engine. In the past couple of years, I've posted my woes with this engine. And, I've posted in several threads, expressing an interest in finding a replacement. But, I started the 2008 season with the DuraForce, and it has given me fits again. I will spare the details here, excepting to say the only thing that is constant with it, is change. It never acts the same two days in a row. Very difficult starting is now the major problem, after a new ignition module a few days ago.

    I talked to a local dealer who had stockpiled some older staggered wheel models, with the B&S engine. I thought I would merely go pick one up. When I talked with them today, they have sold them all out. The inventory is gone, and never to be replenished.

    I asked about the availability of the 22271 model, the newest commercial offering from LB. He said they had a few in early, but quickly sold them all out. And, they cannot get any more shipments. He has several on order, but the best LB will tell him is "sometime in June" for delivery. He was unhappy because he felt he could have sold many of them, had he had them in stock.

    I called another dealer, one where I saw a floor model during the Winter. He told me the same story, "... some some in early, sold out quick, and cannot get any more." He said LB has not even given them a ship date for their order.

    I called a third dealer. I heard the same story, "... had some in early, sold out quick, and are now being told we will be getting more in sometime in June, ... wish I had some because I could have sold a bunch."

    So, what's the deal? Did LB misjudge the demand? Or, did they have some trouble in production, whereby they created a shortage on the market?

    Has anybody tried to buy one recently, and have you found the same response?
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    Just get a Toro 22156.Tit is the exact same thing.

  3. Roger

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    Previous post was over four years ago. Much water over the dam by now, and LB/Toro was not part of the stream. I'm thankful for that. Honda HRX was a much better choice.


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