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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by asyracus, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. asyracus

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    I recently bought a new 2-stroke LawnBoy. It worked like a charm the first week, but the second week, I had my first encounter with semi-wet grass. The 6.5 hp engine has plenty of power, but the side discharge chute is so small that it cloggs up super quick! Were these mowers not designed by people who actually cut grass?!? If the chute were larger, it would be a non-issue.....seems like they'd of designed it better.

    Anyone else use 21" Lawnboys? If so, do you have this problem? What do you do about it? I'm thinking of taking a saw, and making the chute bigger, myself! I've also considered returning it and getting an Exmark or Toro Proline 21", but do they have side-discharge?
  2. Fareway Lawncare

    Fareway Lawncare LawnSite Silver Member
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    Take the metal bar off the bottom of the discharge...The Toro/eXmark units disharge Much Worse...They Use Rear Discharge Plugs...

    If You Want a Serious Discharge Unit.....

  3. sniffie

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    First post.I have the silver series pro with the steel deck and also had clogging problems.I finally cut out the plastic piece across the bottom of the discharge chute and it works a lot better than it did,but haven't had the chance to test it in wet grass,although my opinion is that none of the 21" mowers I've used have the power or large enough discharge chute to handle wet grass without clumping.One thing to consider about opening up the chute is that there will be nothing to deflect a rock picked up by by the blade,so youe best option might be to return it and get a different mower.

  4. j.p.landscaping

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of the clogging green mowers...:p
    The only real way to solve this problem is to cut slower and empty twice as much.
  5. Papa Wheelie

    Papa Wheelie LawnSite Member
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    i ahve never had a problem with my Ariens clogging on wet grass.
  6. BCSteel

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    Oh man, I thought I was going to see a pic of wooden mowing shoes :eek:
  7. asyracus

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    Fareway, what kind of mower is that?! That looks like it a real side-discharging machine!
  8. asyracus

    asyracus LawnSite Member
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    On the lawnboy, it's there's not really a side chute to "open". I wish I could prop it open further, but it's a fixed size. If the Toro Proline and the Exmarks don't side-discharge any better, it sounds like I'm just plain screwed!!
  9. sniffie

    sniffie LawnSite Member
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    Yeah,the side chute is built in to the deck and with the side wheel just behind the opening ,it would be pretty difficult to alter.As a experiment,I did cobble up a deflector for a side bagging chute and used that for a while and it worked better than the built-in chute,but in heavy weeds,a green sludge would build up on the inside of the deck and eventually clog the chute.Maybe you could check out some other mowers in your area,like the Ariens that Papa Wheelie mentioned.Or do like I do and only try to mow when the grass is fairly dry,but I don't have that many customers,so this might not be an option for you.
  10. asyracus

    asyracus LawnSite Member
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    That's exactly the problem.....with as much rain that we've had, I've had no choice but to mow when the grass is still damp. I do mostly small yards, so I rely on the 21" quite a bit. I admit, when the grass is dry, the lawnboy works wonderfully.

    I may look into the Ariens......can't hurt!

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