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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MSU car guy, Sep 4, 2007.

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    sorry this is my 2nd post for this problem but i didnt think to add more info about the problem and what has been done. im working on 3 lawnboy push mowers dura force 6.5 hp. model # are 10247,10247 and 10324. all 3 surge. i have replaced spark plugs cleaned air cleaners on all 3. on one of them i cleaned the carb 2 times with no change. then i replaced the complete carb assy. still no change. one person said it sounded like a lean mixture. very good info that im printed and filed. but one other thing they all do is leak fuel from the muffler (black looking). so im thinking its a rich mixture because of the black fuel and smoke coming from the muffler. any ideas or thought would be great.
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    If you're blowing fuel out of the muffler, it surely isn't running on the lean side. 95% of the time this condition is the result of a cork float that has swollen due to setting in fuel for long periods of time. The swollen float hits the top of the carb body thereby not permitting the needle to completely shut off fuel in the seat. Replace the needle, seat and float making sure that the float is parallel to the carb body in the inverted position. While you have the carb off, remove the part # label on the side of the carb. Under it you will find the pilot jet. With a fine wire, clean and blow out the pilot jet. I have found that a plugged pilot jet is a frequent source of the surging. Make sure as well that the air vane governor is not rubbing anything where it passes through the housing.


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