Lawnboy Model 10424 Surging

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Spurgeon, May 11, 2005.

  1. Spurgeon

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    Trying to correct/improve the running of this mower. I bought it used and it surges. In checking old posts this seems to be a common issue with these 2 cycle engines. It was suggested the jets be inlarged, and or replace with jets from a toro. I am trying to find the toro jets to switch out but need a part number or the model of the toro mower. I can not find the wire drill bits to ream out the jets I currently have. Can anyone assist me?
  2. ArchZangel

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    I would try and look for air leaks, before I start messing with the jets. If the jets are damaged or really varnished up and can't clean then do that. The jets sent from the factory were configured for that engine. Altitude change would really be the only reason to mess with them. 2-strokes are very sensitive to proper air-fuel ratio, just by design alone. I would perform a leak down and pressure check on the crankcase, then inspect the condition of the intake/carb gaskets. Hope this helps

  3. CCWKen

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    Ditto... And besides that, the days of reaming jets with drill bits are long gone. The modern jets are ram tuned to the hole size. Drilling the jet will leave a flat/sharp edge and disrupts the "engineered" flow.
  4. newt

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    go ahead and fix the jets. the low speed jet gets the toro jet part number 81-1030. High speed or main jet gets bored out 2 sizes bigger using wire bit #66, size goes from .775mm to .79mm. goto anytime tools for the wire bit set for about $15. you wont regret it. by the way the low speed jet is hiding behind the sticker giving the carb part #.

    your welcome
  5. fixer67

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    On 2-cycle Lawn-Boy mowers I tell people to "Remember, you are working on a chainsaw not a lawn mower. Treat it that way" I fiind that most people try to treat a 2-cycle Lawn-Boy like they would there 4-cycle Briggs and it does not work. As for air leaks on 2-cycle Lawn-Boy mowers I have found that the one air leak that gets by most people is an air leak under the deck on the PTO (blade) side around the crankshaft. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen the PTO crankshaft seal go out and it drive people crazy trying to find the problem.
  6. viper00085

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    also depending on the year. on those e-series engines, on the side of the plastic carb, under neath a little decal with numbers on it there is a air bleed jet for the bowl. if its clogged it will surge. Lby had a bulletin out on these a few years back.

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