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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. Roger

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    I have a friend who had heart surgery a few months ago. He has had a LB push mower, but has been directed to get a self-propelled machine when he is able to get back to mowing.

    Does anybody have any experience with the new Personal Pace system on LB mowers? I think it is offered only on the top-of-line LB aluminum deck mowers (Gold series?). I know they have been on Toro home owner machines for awhile. I presume the mechanics of both are the same, variable sheaves. I've not been "under the hood" but have been told about how they work. It seems like a good idea, something I would like on my commercial LB.
  2. Keith

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    Ummm, I hope they got this thing worked out by now, but they have had a variation of this mower for 15 years. I had one then, at best it was power assist and not very good at that. It was said that it would go as fast as you were walking, thats because you were mostly pushing.

    Look into a self propelled multi speed Honda or something.
  3. Ssouth

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    I've had good success at making my Scott's/ Ariens mower into a personal pace type of machine. I tightened the cable on the drive very tight. then I can apply light presure for a slow walk or lots of pressure for a faster pace. Has worked well for over a year. this machine has the same type of drive as the snapper 21" mowers so it should work on them as well.
  4. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    I only use Toro products and Toro owns lawnboy Lawnboy is a cheaper version of the toro personal pace mower but is still a great mower! I would go with the Lawnboy or the Toro version of this type of mower! You won't go wrong!!!

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