LawnBoy Silver Series - not cutting well

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Panhead, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I have a LawnBoy Silver Series mower, with a B&S motor. Using the factory blade, I took off the Mulch fan. With it on or off, it cuts like crap and I want to improve the cutting on it. The reason I bought it is because it has the front side chute. I use it on properties that have hard to get area's where I can't get a WB in. But at 3in height, it sucks. Any reccomendations?
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    Since I left a Toro/LB shop 10 years ago, I have had exactly 2 LB's in my shop. As a result, I'm not familiar with any cutting problems with any of the units produced in that time period.

    What's the model/serial number?

    Things you may want to consider:

    Clean deck? build up in deck is the most common culprit in cut problems.
    Sharp blade?
    Engine rpms? OEM's set rpm's around 3000. I set all push/sp whb's at 3100-3160.
    Any blade choices? If so, try a higher lift blade.
    Height of grass being cut? Cutting at excessive ground speed for amount being removed doesn't allow deck to be cleared effectively.
    If you're cutting excessively tall grass, the mulch plate tends to keep cut grass in the deck longer.
    Just a few thoughts--your mileage may vary.

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